What Are Parents (More) Afraid Of?

28 Jun

This post comes to us by way of the dynamic conversation-starting blog Shot of Prevention.  See an excerpt of blogger Christine Vara’s views below…

I don’t want to oversimplify the vaccine debate, but lately I’ve seen it come down to numbers. What are parents more afraid of? The diseases that the vaccines are meant to prevent, or the risk of injury from the vaccine?

The information parents receive when vaccinating their child provides details regarding the probability of injury unique to each specific vaccine. The numbers clearly illustrate – for each and every vaccine on the schedule – that the disease has a greater potential for harm than the vaccine. Quite frankly ,if they didn’t, the vaccine wouldn’t be approved for use. It’s just that simple.

While that may seem like a rational way to measure the pros vs. cons of vaccines, some parents still come to the conclusion that it is not worth vaccinating their children for fear of a vaccine injury.

Now, allow me to elaborate just a bit.

Read the full blog post here on Shot of Prevention.

One Response to “What Are Parents (More) Afraid Of?”

  1. Christine Vara July 6, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

    Lynn – thanks for sharing this blog post from Shot of Prevention. It is so exciting to see new blogs, like this one, that are helping to create an open forum and a place where people can come to learn about the benefits of immunizations. Keep up the good work!

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