Carl’s Story

29 Jul

Many of you may have read Lori Buher’s report here on Parents Who Protect regarding a local Seattle meeting to determine whether meningococcal vaccine should be recommended for infants.  Some of you may have wondered about Lori’s experience with meningococcal.  She shared her story with Mother Talkers a few months ago:

Carl was 14 when he contracted meningococcal meningitis (sometimes called bacterial meningitis). Healthy as a horse, Carl was a freshman at our small town high school. He was playing two sports, fall basketball and football. He’d always been a good student and was studying hard, playing hard and, other than a stubborn cold, in perfect health.

That all changed when he became a victim of this horrific vaccine-preventable disease. Within 24 hours Carl had gone from healthy to fighting for his life in a medivac helicopter headed for Seattle. As we followed in our car, both Curt and I were in shock. We had no idea what was ahead for Carl or for our family.

To read the full story, visit Mother Talkers here.

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