Make Vaccines a Part of Back-to-School Plans

9 Aug

The National Meningitis Association works with the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases to promote awareness of vaccines. As kids return to school it’s a great time to make sure our adolescents have all their vaccines. Among the most important vaccines are those recommended for the first time at age 11-12—Tdap, which protects against whooping cough; meningococcal, which protects against meningitis; and HPV, which protects against a cancer-causing virus. Adolescence is also the right time to check on immunization status for other important vaccines like MMR, hepatitis B, and chickenpox. The National Meningitis Association is proud to partner with the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) and other leading organizations to improve immunization rates among adolescents. We urge you to take some time to review our sister Website, or the NFID’s recently updated website, for the latest disease information and vaccine recommendations for adolescents.

Remember, no time is too soon to protect our children.

One Response to “Make Vaccines a Part of Back-to-School Plans”

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