Vaccine Exemptions — Let’s Get Real

8 Nov

I just attended a wonderful course on Vaccinology sponsored
by the National Foundation of Infectious Diseases.  I learned a lot about
raising awareness of vaccine-preventable diseases.  I also learned, that
in some states, just how easy it is for parents to “waiver” out of vaccinating
their children, for philosophical reasons, which many times, are for not valid
reasons.  I understand medical and religious reasons, but the parents who
exempt for philosophical reasons need to understand that it just takes one
unvaccinated person to spread a disease and cause outbreaks.  This has
happened in the last year with measles, pertussis, and HiB outbreaks.
Vaccines have saved millions of lives not only in the United States, but across
the world.  The safety procedures followed by the FDA give me complete
confidence in the vaccines that have been licensed, and the post-licensure
safety studies provide data to reinforce the safety.  I am scared for the
children who are unwittingly exposed to a child not vaccinated – whether it’s
in a doctor’s office, school, or other community setting.  Our children
are at risk for so many things outside of our control, so when we have an
opportunity to protect our children with vaccines, we need to do so.

Check out the links below.  Once you’ve lost a child to a vaccine-preventable disease, there is no going back.  Vaccinate and protect.,0,719323.story

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