College Students Need to be Vaccinated Too

5 Jan

Thank you to Christine Vara at Shot of Prevention for an important post on the need for college students to receive the meningococcal vaccine.  She writes:

Shots aren’t just for babies.

In fact, it is recommended that children receive booster shots for various preventable diseases throughout their adolescent years.  And recently, since bacterial meningitis has proven to be a serious, sometimes fatal, disease that is easily spread on college campuses, several states have begun requiring a meningitis vaccine for college students living in dorms.  However, as a direct result of Senate Bill 1107, the state of Texas has now taken these precautions one step further. As of January 1st, a new law has taken effect that makes Texas the first state to require a bacterial meningitis vaccine for all college students under the age of 30, even if they are not living on campus.

You can read the full post here and view the stories of some of our advocates.

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