A Parent is a parent, no matter how old the child

25 Jan

Since I lost my 20 year old son over 13 years ago, I have talked to or met families who have lost children to meningitis from 2 month olds to now a 60 year old. Imagine being lucky enough to live long enough to have a 60 year old son, only to have him pass away in hours from bacterial meningitis.  I know the pain I felt losing my son, and no matter what age you lose your child, it is just so devastating.  You can’t love your child any more than you do at 2 months versus 20  years versus 60 years; you have just had the blessing of spending more time with your child.  I can honestly say there is really no getting over the loss of a child.  You don’t cry as much, but the memories of the horrible days we spent as our son lay dying, will haunt us forever.  Meningitis is relentless and unforgiving.  It attacks and destroys, many times before you’ve had a chance to fight.  So, for all parents, with children of any age, please make sure that your children are vaccinated.  We can all learn from this tragic death of this prominent 60 year old, that no one is immune.

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