Moms on a Mission

28 Jan

Moms are great motivators, especially when there is something that affects the health and well-being of their children.  I am a mom on a mission.  I always thought I was already, from the day my sons were born.  I took them to their regular doctor visits, we had wonderful, memory-filled days and years of soccer, baseball, and basketball.  Just thinking about those days brings a smile to my face.  It was great family time.  But I didn’t realize what a MOM on a MISSION really meant, until my son died from a vaccine-preventable disease.  My life flipped upside down, my heart will never recover.  I became determined to be a MOM on a MISSION to educate all parents about vaccine-preventable diseases, not just meningitis.  No child should suffer from a vaccine-preventable disease, when there are safe vaccines to potentially prevent the disease.  These are our children, our legacy, the loves of our lives.  I urge all moms to join me as a MOM on a MISSION and not only make sure your children are protected, but your extended circle as well.  The more we talk, the more children will be vaccinated.  There is no stopping a MOM on a MISSION.

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