As the Days Tick By …

22 Feb

There are 365 days in a year, and on one of those days, April 20, my older son died from meningococcal disease.  Since Evan died, almost 14 years ago, I have talked to countless numbers of parents whose children have also been affected by meningitis.  Sometimes I talk to people who have lost a child, and then I talk to another family who lost their child the same day.  I always thought, “wow, what a coincidence, for a rare disease.”


Just the other night, I was talking with a 21 year old woman who lost her twin sister 4 years ago, and her sister died the same day that my son did, April 20th.  It gave me chills, to think about another family starting that endless grieving process.  It made me wonder how many more people are out there, hating when a certain date rolls around each year.  Of course, you think of your lost child every day, but when you hit an anniversary date, it’s just a more concrete reminder of the days and years ticking by without that person you loved.


I just hope that in the future, I won’t be talking to so many families.  I hope and pray that more families will vaccinate their children, not only against meningitis, but all vaccine-preventable diseases.  I hope for no more sad “anniversary dates” for our children.  Each one of us can make a difference, and together, united, by vaccinating, we can make a huge dent in childhood diseases.  Please join me in doing your part.

3 Responses to “As the Days Tick By …”

  1. Kimberly McClintock February 23, 2012 at 3:53 am #

    Thank you for sharing an excellent way to look at a problem that is encountered by those who have lost a child to this disease. Also an excellent way for families to never feel this way by being informed of the vaccines now available to protect from this disease.


  2. Harvey Hodges February 23, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    Lynn, boy oh boy do we ever understand your comments about that anniversary date when we have lost a loved one to this horrible disease. As you know, we lost my son Mike, a big athletic, lovable bear of a guy, on May 9, 2009 and every year since that day has had such bittersweet memories. Sweet because of his memory and the things we remember about him and his life. Bitter, because he was taken from us so quickly and it could have been prevented had we all, only known about the meningitis vaccines.

    Once again this year, we will come together to remember Mike in May with a golf outing, but this year it will be different, we will have a “youth flight” of young golfers who we hope will be ambassadors for bringing awareness of meningitis to their peers.

    • Lynn February 23, 2012 at 11:34 pm #

      To Harvey, Charlotte, and Kimberly,

      Thank you for your comments. We have all suffered so much, but I think that working together, we will make a difference.

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