Space Odyssey …

27 Feb

Guest post by Tama Lee, NMA former board member and Mom on Meningitis

Sometimes memories just seem to hit you out of nowhere.  I was remembering sitting in my son’s cafeteria; it was October 1987.  They were assembling all the kindergarteners at the first PTA meeting of the year.  They paraded all these little kids in announcing the Class of 2000 while playing the song “Space Odyssey”.  I remember all the parents laughing and probably thinking the same thing I was – how long it would be before that year of graduation from high school.

I didn’t know then that I only had just 12 short years left with my son, Casey.  I didn’t know then that he would not be there for his high school graduation.  I didn’t know then that he would die from a rare disease.  And I didn’t know then that there was a vaccine that could have prevented his death.  March 6th will be the 12th anniversary of my son’s death.  He died from meningococcal meningitis.

All I can do now is tell others so they can be aware of this deadly disease and the vaccine that can protect them.  Now you know.  What will you do?

One Response to “Space Odyssey …”

  1. Lynn February 27, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    I hope parents will vaccinate their children, so that they don’t suffer as we have. We have learned the hard way about vaccine-preventable diseases.

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