Nick Springer – A Meningitis Survivor and Winner, On and Off the Court

4 Jul

When  the National Meningitis Association was founded 10 years ago, I met Nancy Springer, a wonderful woman whose son was a meningitis survivor.  She and I were tw0 of the original NMA board members.  We both felt strongly that we needed to raise awareness that this horrible disease was potentially vaccine-preventable.

Nick had contracted meningococcal meningitis while at summer camp when he was 14.  Despite having both arms and legs amputated, meningitis did not stop Nick.  Not only did he go on to graduate college, but 4 years ago, he won a gold medal as part of the United States wheelchair rugby Paralympics team.  He is on his way to London, to represent the United States again.

Over the years as I have seen Nick grow from a high schooler to a young man, I am so impressed by his maturity and dedication to sharing his story.  I know that he has encouraged many young adults to be vaccinated.  I wanted to share this story from CBS News.

Nick Springer – A True Winner

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