Is the meningitis booster dose needed — YES IT IS

19 Nov

My heart is heavy, as I e-mailed with parents this past weekend who lost their 18 year old son a  month ago.  After many conversations back and forth, I learned that the boy, when he was 11, had received the initial dose of the meningitis vaccine.

He did not receive a booster dose, and he passed away from one of the vaccine-preventable strains.  My heart just aches for what this family is going through.  They did not know about a booster dose.  They thought they had protected their son.

I hope this will be a wake-up call to make sure all children are up-to-date with CDC recommended vaccines.


One Response to “Is the meningitis booster dose needed — YES IT IS”

  1. Sarah December 5, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    It is so sad that we have to deal with preventable loss. I think it is important to find ways to educate parents and inform them of new available vaccines. We as a society need to do a better job knowing what is out there and how to protect ourselves and our communities. People need to get their immunizations and when new ones or booster become available they need to have a way to let people know so they can take the appropriate steps to protect themselves and their families.

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