So well explained: Vaccine Refusal and the Politics of School Vaccination Exemptions

1 May

There are many organizations like NMA, whose mission is to keep our kids healthy.

Christine Vara wrote an excellent blog for Shot of Prevention, that I’d like to share:

Across the U.S., individual state policies determine which immunizations a child needs in order to be permitted to attend school.  And each state also has different ways in which parents can obtain exemptions from these requirements.  However, as vaccine exemption rates climb, so do outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases which are threatening the health of our children.  Some states are trying to respond by making an effort to legislate their way toward better public health.   However, both vaccine supporters and critics maintain different interpretations of “informed consent“.

On the one hand, public health departments are supporting legislation in states such as West Virginia, Oregon, and Vermont that seek to add requirements to an all-too-easy exemption process.  Prior to opting out of vaccines for their children, they want parents to be adequately informed of the risks of these decisions.  From the public health standpoint, if a parent wants to opt-out of vaccinating their child, the process shouldn’t be any easier than what parents are expected to do to adhere to the vaccine requirement.  Therefore, by requiring parents to discuss vaccines with a health care provider, to learn about the risks of not vaccinating, new state legislation is seeking to provide better parental education and information.  It would only be expected that this would be welcomed by those who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. ….

To see the rest of this blog, please open this link.  We all need to work together to protect our children.

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