adults need vaccinations also!

15 May

I was lucky to attend the National Adult Immunization Summit today in Atlanta, and learned so much on how to raise awareness about vaccines that are needed for adults.  So for Parents for Protect, they need to protect themselves also.  Make sure you are up date on flu, shingles, meningitis, pneumonia, etc. vaccines.  Check with your healthcare provider.  If you are going to be around an infant, make sure you’ve had the pertussis booster — very important for parents, grandparents, friends, exxtended family — anyone who will be around the baby.

Vaccinations are everyone’s responsibility!

One Response to “adults need vaccinations also!”

  1. Lauren @ the VEC May 21, 2013 at 10:50 am #

    You can learn more about the vaccines adults need by visiting the adult vaccination section of the VEC’s website ( The VEC also has an adult immunization booklet that you can view or print:

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