Communication and Good Health Practices – a Two Way Street

8 Jul

I know that growing up, my mom never talked to me about female issues — when that female adolescent rite of passage started, I had no idea what was going on and was terrified.  The doctor never mentioned anything to me, either.  Whose job was it?  Or, does it really matter, as long as both sides are doing their job — both health care professionals and parents.  The bottom line is, we need to get the word out about the importance of immunizations and other important health issues.

From a report I read today, Seattle doctors are rarely talking to adolescent patients about recommended vaccines, a new study reports.

This is very concerning, because there are serious diseases that can affect adolescents that are potentially vaccine-preventable — bacterial meningitis, pertussis, HPV, and the yearly flu vaccine.

We all need to make an effort to keep our children protected.



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